Press Kit

Press Kit


Spiralburst Studio

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Founded 2019

Board Game Designer

Alexander Pfister

Planned Release Date

Q4 2020


Android / iOS



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Maracaibo, the award-winning strategy board game, is coming to Android and iOS in Q4 2020. Spiralburst Studio is working closely with publisher Game’s Up and designer Alexander Pfister to adapt Maracaibo's deep gameplay to mobile devices. Like the board game, 1-4 players sail around the 17th century Caribbean - delivering goods, upgrading their ships, fighting pirates, and more.

Test your strategic thinking in standard gameplay, or explore the storyline of Maracaibo in its swashbuckling campaign mode. The app will also feature an AI “automa” true to the game’s design for solo play. There are many ways to succeed in this game, but players have the power to set the pace - each round can end sooner than you think!

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  • Complete Maracaibo board game adaptation
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Solo play with 3 Automa AI difficulty levels
  • Standard gameplay (1-4 players, pass and play)
  • Story campaign mode (1-4 players, pass and play)

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Press Quotes

"One of the most highly rated eurogames of 2020 is coming to Android and iOS in Q4 2020!” Board Game Atlas

"According to the developers, the AI will act 'true to the game's design' which should hopefully lead to some excellent strategic battles even against the computer."" Pocket Gamer

"Maracaibo, last year’s strategy game about trading in the Caribbean by Great Western Trail designer Alexander Pfister, will see a release on mobile later this year.” Dicebreaker

About Spiralburst Studio

Spiralburst Studio was founded in 2019 by three friends who want to make games and products that bring people together.